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The Latest News:

- April 2016: Just a note for compatibility. Power system for the SOM head units has changed from positive-switched to negative-switched. This will only impact folks with SOM units purchased before the change, seeking additional control systems.
- March 2016: In development, software revision to extend control methodology to include Bluetooth connectivity. Anticipated release later this year.
- September 2015: Modification of standard SOM head delivers more than 20% longer throw. This means a significantly higher terminal speed with lighter weight implements, lesser increase for heavier implement. Can retrofit this change for existing customers, $100 plus shipping.

Spank-Off Video Comparison between the Spank-O-Matic and the Robospanker. Includes an objective head-to-head comparison of the power of these two contenders, and more. Read All About It Here.

Independent Expert Reviews of both the Spank-O-Matic and Robospanker have been done by Michael Masterson of The Realspankings Network. How did these two machines fare? About the SOM II Masterson writes: "from as light as you can feel, to way too hard for just about anyone out there." Read About the Reviews.

Into spanking? With or without a partner, the Spank-O-Matic can add a new dimension to your enjoyment of this popular aternative sexual expression! The Spank-O-Matic is an automated, powered spanking machine capable of delivering a very wide range of sensations. Whether you prefer light, sensual play or hard CP style activities or anything in between, the SOM delivers. Spank-O-Matics are sleek and sexy, easily portable, and designed and built to last through a lifetime of use. The SOM II literally delivers everything customers have wished for in a spanking machine over nearly a decade, and simply spanks the pants off of the competition, too!

What makes the SOM II so good? Everything! It hits softer AND harder than the other commerically available spanking machine. You've got more control, whether you run it manually using the computerized hand control, your home PC, or over the Internet. The machine adjusts to any position you dream up, tall or short at any angle, all quickly and easily.

You will find a huge amount of information on this site. If you have any questions that aren't answered, or would like to get a quote and delivery estimate, please don't hesitate to email Paul. Your absolute privacy is always guaranteed... I don't use email addresses in any way. Also, don't miss fine sex machines from Orgasm Alley! Orgasm Alley offers the largest selection of sex machines available, each handcrafted to uncompromising standards.

Any and all models depicted on this site were at least 18 years of age when photographs or video were taken.

If you're examining spanking machines, I certainly encourage you to look at the competition, the Robospanker. Contrast the reviews from RealSpankings of both units, and read what each of us has to say about our products. Note very clearly this point: when I talk about the Robospanker, I discuss and document the many ways the Spank-O-Matic kicks its ass; when the Robospanker folks talk about the Spank-O-matic, they make specious attacks and create distration, but specifically DO NOT compare the performance or capabilities of their machine versus mine. That's the difference in a nutshell!

Please take the time to examine the many options in the SOM II line to find the machine and accessories that best meet your needs. There are several distinct options, and I've done the best I can to explain the differences. You are, of course, always welcome to write me with questions... I've answered plenty! In general, all SOM II alternatives use the same technology and components, and in each case you'll find the SOM II spanking machines exceptionally capable.

The SOM II Knowledge Base, a set of links near the top of the page, will walk you through several key aspects of the system:
- See: Video of the SOM II
- Control: Take Control of the SOM II
- Hear: Customer Testimonials of the SOM II
- Compare: SOM II vs. the Competition
- Understand: Pneumatics for Spanking Power
- Enlighten: Understand the Competition's Claims about the SOM

I look forward to building your spanking machine!

"It hits harder than you could ever require. I have dialed things in with the computer control, much more from the SOMII soon. This thing is a beast, from sensual to severe with the flick of a finger. I am a very satisfied customer." -- Michael Masterson, owner

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